‼️2 DAYS‼️until another #AMBSATURDAYS with @kidinkbatgang at Studio 8 brought to you by @amb_productions and @goldstandardco /@mythworldwide are gone! If you haven’t sent me a list of names for GL, get em done ASAP! You could DM, text, or email me those names @ iulianfulgar.amb@gmail.com

‼️Admission is FREE FOR THE LADIES and DISCOUNTED FOR THE FELLAS before 9:30‼️ so I suggest you get there on time!

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Pre turn up meal but ended up staying home. #smokehouse #baconburger #foodporn

‼️We are bringing @kidinkbatgang to the bay next Saturday ‼️for the brozay @beach_kidz Cday! If you are planning on grabbing a table, I suggest you hit me ASAP because it’s selling out fast (AMB DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE ON BOTTLES)! If you’re only planning on getting on the GL, email/text me those names ASAP and EARLY ARRIVAL IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED! For more info, feel free to contact me at iulianfulgar.amb@gmail.com

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You heard it from @kidinkbatgang himself! July 26th, Studio 8 is the place to be at! We have a special AMB discount on bottles so grab your folks and reserve a table ASAP before it sells out!
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Shouts to the side bitches out there trying so hard to be the main! Were having @kidinkbatgang party with us and performing live on the 26th at @studio8sjc for the broham @beach_kidz birthday!

Also, July folks, if you guys wanna celebrate your birthday with us for this event, you guys have 2 weeks to get your people together, and plan everything out! We still have tables available and it’ll be selling out quick! GL/table reservations are always available! Email me @ iulianfulgar.amb@gmail.com for more info!

@amb_productions x @trungfest @brandonthefox brings you another #WAVYFEST this Friday at Club Luxx SF! Got the PYT @karrueche coming out to rage with us!

For table reservations / GL sign ups email me @ iulianfulgar.amb@gmail.com! Don’t miss out!

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Had a crazy day with a 3 hour flight but ended the day wit the folks. #4thofjulyselfie #acfg #alamedacountyfair


With in a little over 12 hours, I turn 22! I hope to see all you guys at studio 8! We’ll also be celebrating the birthdays of AMB’s own @og_murdock and @dennnnylinda + More! If you haven’t signed up for GL yet, or reserved a table, right now would be the perfect time to do that! Email me @ iulianfulgar.amb@gmail.com, DM me, or hit my line!

We will also be hosting the official after party of @hotimportnights, we got @adapt and @boogerkids in the building as they celebrate their store openings as well!

It’s an event you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss out on!

3 DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY! Slide out to STUDIO 8 for the OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY of @hotimportnights got the bihs comin out to TU wit YB fav promoting crew! Discount bottles are still available, GL sign ups are still available! You can email me to reserve a table and sign up for GL @ iulianfulgar.anb@gmail.com!


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